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Long before I knew how to sew, I was aware of a need to keep useful things useful. I saw my mother darn well worn socks, patch holes in the knees of our play clothes, or turn pants into shorts when we had a growth spurt. She would make dresses to go to parties or would make summer dresses for my grandmother and make smaller versions for me so we could match. I used to think about the left over pieces that were discarded when cutting out a pattern and wonder if they could be used. Then one summer I was gifted a bag of remnants from a neighbour who had twin girls, my age. All the fun prints and patterns had my 7 year old brain swirling with visions of barbie clothes, tiny pillows, miniature sleeping bags, simply endless possibilities. I was smitten.

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Since then, every part of my life has included sewing and creating. Home Economics projects in middle school improved my skills and confidence to tackle Care Bears, made to order, in my teen years. Curtains and home décor were essential, once I moved into my own place. Christmas gifts for family included robes, nightgowns, dress shirts and aprons.(so many aprons!) And babies brought a whole new level of imagination to making anything I could think of! Halloween was always the most fun and the kids were never the same character twice!!

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Over the years I was commissioned by family and friends to make costumes, replace zippers, alter formal wear, and my skills kept growing. I refreshed the fabric on the odd chair or ottoman and even a couch, once, with fearless friends who had faith in me.  It was time to put all this knowledge to work for me, so I came up with a name and had some business cards printed. Tankhouse was born, small but mighty! And Merrickville has been a great place to learn and grow a small business. I am so appreciative of all the talent, love and support I have been able to soak up within this wonderful community of ours! But it is tough to make ends meet on a part time gig, so, two years ago I started a job at a local upholstery shop. On my first day, the owner suggested I might be the one to take over his business when he retired. Of course, I shook my head, NO WAY! Well, guess what…

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Tankhouse Fabrications has taken on upholstery and I am beyond excited!! My storefront/work shop is ready and I can hardly wait to see all of your treasured furniture pieces (you already have one in mind, I know you do!) Seeing the transformation of Grandma's chair, your treasured footstool or battered couch from old & uncomfortable to a stylish showpiece is so gratifying. You will be as excited to show it off to your guests as I am to make it happen for you!

I am still quite happy to make any repairs, alterations or creative ideas come to life, so keep those coming too.

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Christina Hayes


Tankhouse Fabrications

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